Exhibiting at Web Summit?

Branded stand giveaways are easy with Event Bundles

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Exhibiting at Web Summit?

Branded stand giveaways are easy with Event Bundles

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Delivered to Lisbon – Ready for Web Summit 2022!

Welcome to the future of event swag

Say goodbye to scrolling through thousands of poor quality, unsustainable items in a catalogue straight from the 90s.  We have curated the best items for every budget ready to your next big event.

The Basic Collection

600 Units: £3,000

The Ultimate

800 Units: £6,700

The Premium Collection

800 Units: £16,000

Get a custom event bundle

“Having worked with Go Swag on a recent team initiative I have to say I was really impressed with the process from start to finish. Efficient and effective communication and a really thorough ordering and design process. Highly recommend.”

“I have been working with the Go Swag team on a big project that involved worldwide deliveries of branded merch packages. As a company with over 1300 employees we were extremely pleased to work with a partner, that was able to meet all our tight deadlines, work with our budgets and offer highly sustainable and environmentally conscious merch. “

“I chose Go Swag because of their immense eye for quality and not just shipping crap out into their world, something we really want to associate with our brand. Ben at Go Swag has been incredibly patient with my endless streams of edits and requests within tight timelines. I have built up a close relationship with Ben, I could not recommend them enough as a company. Highly recommend!”

“The Go Swag team have been amazing to work with. They are true partners and have helped us create a unique box for our customers, helping us add value throughout out customer’s journey with us.

Our commitment

We want to leave the planet and the merchandise industry better than we found it. Our expert consultants design every pack using three simple rules to ensure we create packs that are used and are responsibly manufactured.

We plant at least one tree for every pack we create.

Rule 1. Sustainable products first

We will always recommend using products that are made responsibly, from recycled materials and are recyclable

Rule 2. Utility over gimmicks

We design every product carefully to ensure the recipients will actually have a use for it. No gimmicks, no waste.

Rule 3. Premium quality always

We want our products to be used for years to come, that’s why we focus on quality in every part of the process.

Looking to create a custom bundle?

Talk to one of our expert consultants today, via our Go Studio service we will design the perfect branded bundle based on your brand, values and intent. The consultation is completely free and can be scheduled at your convenience.

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