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Create an unforgettable holiday experience for your team by crafting the perfect pack with our expert swag consultants. Just reach out, schedule a personalised call with us, and start designing!

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    Why we’re different

    How does it work?

    It’s time to take the headache out of swag

    Step 1


    Schedule a free consultation with one our experienced swag expert consultants.

    Step 2


    We craft the perfect pack based on your needs and input, all in the 48 hours.

    Step 3


    We create and warehouse your new swag packs ready to be shipped.

    Step 4


    We ship your packs in bulk or on a 1-to-1 basis. You sit back and delight your team.

    An unforgettable gifting experience

    Enjoy our premium, end-to-end consultant service

    At Go Swag, we offer you a premium, end-to-end, bespoke design service, where our experts will create the perfect branded gift packs based on your brand, values and intent. Consultations are completely free and can be scheduled at your convenience.

    Ordering FAQs

    What is the turnaround time for swag packs?2023-09-29T10:39:13+00:00

    On average, 4 weeks from the point of payment. Due to reasons out of our control there can occasionally be interruptions in our supply chain which is unavoidable.

    Can you store swag packs for us?2021-07-10T19:35:48+00:00

    Yeah absolutely, we charge a fee of £3 which includes storage for a year and fulfilment of the packs delivered on a 1 to 1 basis.

    Is there a minimum order quantity?2022-04-24T12:46:49+00:00

    Yes, unfortunately we are unable to process any orders bellow 100 packs.

    What can we include in a swag pack?2021-07-10T19:23:57+00:00

    Pretty much anything, within reason… Our expert time will work to source and create anything you can think of or we can design the pack based on your brand and company values.

    Where do you ship to?2021-07-10T19:31:57+00:00

    In short everywhere. If we have an address, we can get a swag pack to their front door.

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