It’s employee appreciation day! We’ve helped hundreds of businesses show how much they appreciate their teams, and picked up a few tips along the way. Read on for our top 3 tips to show appreciation for your team.

1. Fair pay and conditions

It’s the basics - your team need to be fairly compensated and work under fair conditions. No amount of perks will make up for low pay and an insecure contract, especially during a cost of living crisis. In Scotland, where we’re based, fair pay means paying at least the Real Living Wage. It means providing secure contractual conditions and putting in place flexible, family friendly working policies. It also includes avoiding exploitative workplace practices like fire and rehire. Finally, it means making sure your team have a way to make their voice heard, whether that’s though a recognised trade union or another kind of employee representation.

2. Recognition

Your team need to feel that their work is recognised and valued. Ideally, people should be recognised across all levels of the organisation - by senior leaders, their line manager, and by their peers. At the most basic level, managers should make sure that they’re regularly giving feedback to their teams, highlighting achievements. Ideally efforts should also be recognised at a wider organisational level - on a staff intranet or in regular staff communications. Some organisations use staff awards, bonuses and reward schemes to show recognition. It’s also important to create opportunities for peer to peer recognition, encouraging colleagues to recognise the value of others’ work. A staff intranet or social platform, where teams can share and comment on achievements is one way to do this.

3. The Extras

Whether it’s free lunch on a Friday, or perks as part of their renumeration package (gym membership, health insurance, yoga classes) extra benefits can go a long way in showing appreciation for your team. Of course, a gift pack, whether it’s to welcome a new team member, mark a professional anniversary or achievement, or celebrate a holiday , is the perfect way to show appreciation. To go the extra mile, choose a personalised pack, tailored to your team member’s interests. We have lots of case studies and pack ideas - or speak to a member of our team to learn more.

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