Let’s go on a journey…

GoCardless is a leader in account-to-account payments, making it easy to collect both recurring and one-off payments directly from customers’ bank accounts. 65,000 business use the GoCardless global payments network and technology platform, which process a whopping US$20 billion of payments across more than 30 countries.

When creating a new gift pack, we start by learning about the company’s mission, values, and what they’re looking to achieve with the pack. From the outset, Go Cardless talked about their relationship with clients as a journey. When they onboard a new client, Go Cardless become part of that company’s journey and, likewise, the client becomes part of the Go Cardless journey. Our challenge was to curate a bespoke gift that would represent this shared adventure.

Our design team brainstormed a series of gift ideas around the theme of a journey, including the ‘classic explorer’ gift, which would evoke the great twentieth century adventurers: Edmund Hilary, Jacques Cousteau, and Bessie Coleman. After further consultation with the GoCardless team, we settled on the idea of the ‘modern journey’ and began sourcing gifts to represent this theme.

As always, we prioritised sustainability, usability, and high-quality when selecting products. We sought gifts that would embody the idea of the contemporary voyager; stylish, practical, and, of course, indispensable for exploring the city or countryside.

What’s in the pack?


A classic lined notepad, with custom inserts created by the Go Cardless design team.


A beautiful tartan picnic blanket, made from 100% recycled cotton. Perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park.

Chilly’s bottle

A vaccum insulated, BPA free bottle from iconic brand Chilly’s. This stainless steel, leakproof bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours.

Black and Blum cutlery

Lightweight and nested in an easy-to-carry case, this Black and Blum travel cutlery set is perfect for an al-fresco lunch, or a quick refuel on the side of a mountain.

PAIRS Scotland socks

Inspired by the Highland landscape and the changing seasons, these luxurious socks are made from sustainable fibres. Ideal for keeping feet warm and comfortable during long walks.

Trakke lunch bag

A waxed lunch bag from specialist bag maker, Trakke. Made in our native Scotland, from locally sourced materials.

Rains tote bag

Swedish brand Rains are experts in producing stylish and functional waterproof gear. This tote

Wooden pencil

Pencil printed with custom slogan. Manufactured from sustainable resources, including FSC certified wood.

Custom designed box

A bespoke gift box designed by the GoCardless team. Made from 70% recycled, FSC certified, biodegradable AND industrially compostable material.

The gifting experience

Our design expertise means that we think about the whole gifting experience, not just the contents of the gift pack. Our team consider every single aspect of the process, from the moment someone claims their pack, to the day it arrives.

We worked closely with the design team at GoCardless to curate their clients’ gifting experience. The team created a beautiful inventory for the gift pack, which described the GoCardless journey so far and provided a brief explainer for each of the gifts. In creating the box design, the team borrowed from the visual language of classic adventure stories; Famous Five, Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson. This design was also mimicked on the gift claim page to create a coherent gifting experience.

We created a premium unboxing experience for GoCardless clients by giving careful thought to the packaging and presentation of the packs. As well as the custom designed gift boxes, we used premium tissue paper to create a tactile and luxury unwrapping experience. The items were carefully layered in the pack, with each level revealing new treats for the recipient.

Layer 1 – The opening layer, including the notepad and inventory of the journey gift box.

Layer 2 – Under the first layer of tissue, the recipient is presented with the chilly’s bottle, blanket, and PAIRS Scotland socks.

Layer 3 – The bottom layer, containing the Rains tote bag, Trakke lunch bag, and Black and Blum cutlery.

Each of these design choices ensured a premium visual and tactile experience for GoCardless clients. We wanted to make sure that the quality of the pack design and layout – as well as the carefully curated contents – would give clients a flavour of the journey ahead with GoCardless: an exceptionally designed, high-quality service, with client care at the heart

Product Spotlight: The Trakke Lunch Bag

As part of the process of creating a premium experience for Go Cardless clients, we sought out independent makers of exceptional products. Scottish brand Trakke smashed the brief and more. Trakke create waxed canvas bags, with each bag handmade from locally sourced materials in their specialist workshop.

We selected a Trakke lunch bag for the Go Cardless gift pack. A modern classic, the lunch bag is as useful for a day in the office as it is for a day in the hills. The canvas can be rewaxed to preserve the waterproofing and Trakke also offer a repair service. These high-utility bags are built to last – the perfect gift for a lifetime of adventure.

Product Spotlight: The Rains Tote Bag

Here in Scotland we know that reliable waterproofs are essential for an outdoor adventure (some parts of our beautiful country get over 250 days of rain a year!). But waterproofing doesn’t need to come at the expense of style. Scandi brand Rains started out with a reimagining of the classic waterproof coat, but now offer a wide collection of waterproof apparel, bags and accessories.

We selected a classic Rains tote for the GoCardless gift pack. Reflecting Rains stylish but functional design, this classic piece is perfect for exploring the urban jungle on a rainy day. The bag is made from Rains signature waterproof PU fabric, which is a more environmentally friendly option than other water repelling materials. Rains’ commitment to sustainability and longevity of garments makes them our go-to choice for outerwear