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What is an ‘AND title’… and how do I choose mine?

Baker? Traveller? Sports Fanatic? Your ‘AND title’ says more about you than your job title ever could! Being a people-first company we strive for work-life balance and that starts with getting to know each other on a more personal level. Recognising our different passions is what also makes us a stronger, more diverse team.

As a result, our ‘AND title’ says something about our life and interests outside of work. It’s a handy icebreaker and conversation starter, and it helps us to connect by bringing our whole selves to work.

It will also stay with you during your time at AND, so it’s important you spend time thinking about how you’d like to showcase what you love outside of work.


Q: What can I put for my ‘AND title’?

A: Your ‘AND title’ should celebrate hobbies, talents, interests or skills outside of work. It’s a great way to showcase more about yourself, so choose something that would be a good ice-breaker when you’re building new working relationships. See some examples below for inspiration:

  • Paramjit Uppal, Founder AND Foodie
  • Darryl Bucksey, Agile Coach AND Super Dad
  • Amy Cockram, Service Delivery Lead AND New York Aficionado
  • Joris Huijbregts, Product Lead AND Denim & Vinyl Lover
  • Leigh Johnson, Product Developer AND Armchair Athlete
  • Shuyan Liu, Associate AND Trilingual Gamer
  • Kofoworola Ogunleye, Cloud Engineer AND Lazy Baker
  • India Rex, Associate AND Colour Enthusiast
  • Andrea Sartini, Communication Designer AND Plant Whisperer

Q: Where do we use our ‘AND titles’?

A: Your ‘AND title’ is used in all introductions, internally and externally (i.e. with clients or at conferences). It will also be in your email signatures, in client bios, on Slack, on your own branded merchandise and is often featured on LinkedIn.

Q: Is there a character and word limit for my name and ‘AND title’?

A: Generally, no. However, your ‘AND title’ will be printed on personalised merchandise, where there is a limitation of 14 characters for your name and 14 characters per word (2 words max) for your ‘AND title’.

If your name is longer than 14 characters, feel free to use a shorter nickname for yourself. (note: this shorter name will only appear on your chilly bottle, nowhere else). As for your ‘AND title’, if it’s a little longer than 14 characters, get creative with punctuation to make it work! See an example below:

Jens van Kerkvoort, Client Partnerships Benelux Lead AND Multipotentialite could be printed as:


Ryan Wiseman, Product Analyst AND Chief Sneaker Officer could be printed as:

Ch’f Sneaker

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